California Dreamin'

We've been busy having a little fun over our summer! A little rest and relaxation is always welcome, and this time we ended up in Newport Beach for it. Nikki's aunt, uncle, and cousins were kind enough to give us an invite to come stay with them. So we did! Here's a little bit of our adventure:

Newport Beach
Seagulls on the Beach
Conversations on the Beach
Lounging on the Beach
Seashell Art
Beach Selfie
Sunny Day at the Beach
Relaxing at the Beach
Family at the Beach
Adventure Bag
Sandy Beach
Family Photos at Sunset
Sunset at Newport Beach
Taking Photos of the Sunset
Hippies on the Beach at Sunset
Walking Huntington Beach
Sidecar Doughnuts and Coffee

The last time we went to California we had to go to Disneyland because Nikki hadn't been since she was a young, little babe. Now she seems to be somewhat addicted. So of course, we had to go again. It was their 60th Anniversary to the day which meant we got these awesome little cupcakes and a button. This cupcake did not disappoint.

It was great this time too because we got to go with Nikki's cousins, Jessica and Amanda, who I don't think had been to Disneyland in a while. They're a ton of fun to be around too.

Disneyland's Diamond Celebration
Splash Mountain
Indiana Jones Disneyland
Small Disneyland Break

Our last little bit of time in California before we had to head back to Arizona through the torrential downpour was spent at Huntington Beach meeting up with my brother Max and his girlfriend Jessica. We hadn't seen Max since the last time we were in California. It was nice to catch up and wish them both well before they begin their new life in Portland.

Family Picture Huntington Beach