Helping HALO Animal Rescue

It has been a busy couple of weeks, but I was finally able to get started on something that Nikki and I got involved with last month. That is HALO Animal Rescue.

We had been looking for somewhere to volunteer our time with for a while, and since Nikki is in love with all animals this seemed fitting. After following their page it became apparent that they may be able to use our help. We reached out to them and got in touch with one of their coordinators who set us up with an orientation time at their main location in Phoenix. Once we had gone through the short orientation we were ready. It's really that simple!

Now for a little bit about HALO Animal Rescue. HALO is a no-kill animal shelter here in Phoenix, Arizona. They take pride in providing refuge for animals that may be destroyed at other shelters for reasons such as an injury, illness, or simply because they are too young or scared to go up for adoption at the time. They're a passionate group of individuals that really care about the animals that they serve.

At Metrocenter Mall resides one of their secondary adoption centers for a handful of animals, and this is where they held their 21st birthday adoption event. I had the pleasure of documenting some of the event. Without further ado here are some of those photos!

HALO Adoption Volunteers
Volunteer Petting Dog
HALO Dog Adoption
Little Boy Excited about Puppy
Old Couple Playing with Dog
Young Girls Playing with Puppy
Boy Playing with Puppy

As a little bonus here's a quick video montage of some of what went on.