Matt and Courtney's Engagement Session at DC Ranch

 We had originally met this couple a few months ago. They were excited and happy, and it was obvious that these two people meshed well together. That never changed at any time when we were with them even when there were a few bumps in the road!

Engagement Couple Laying in Grass

Upon first meeting them we learned that their wedding day was coming up pretty quick and a lot of their guests happened to be out of town. That would mean that their save-the-date and invitations would need to go out as quickly as possible. However, her ring had been sent in and they weren’t going to have it back for a few weeks. We didn’t think she should settle with not having it in the pictures because surely she would want it there. The other dilemma was that if the engagement photos didn’t happen that weekend then they would be forced to wait a couple more weeks because Matt had an operation that next Monday. It was nothing too serious, but still something that would take a couple weeks to heal. No fear! We made a plan, stuck to it, and it all worked out very well.

Engagement Couple Silhouette in Tunnel

When they had mentioned they would like their dogs in some of the photos what we had decided to do was to go out with Courtney, Matt, and dogs for a half an hour or so in order to get a photo for their save-the-date. Well… they originally said they were going to choose one dog, but ended up bringing both which made for some super cute family photos if I do say so myself. I’m glad both dogs ended up there even if they aren’t each other’s biggest fans.

Couple Engagement Shoot with Dogs

Over this past weekend we were able to run around DC Ranch in Scottsdale for the rest of their engagement session. We were really excited going into it because we had never photographed a couple there before, and after having scouted the location weeks back it seemed like such a great place for photos. It also fit their style perfectly when they asked for a sort of rustic feel. We all had so much fun. They were such an enjoyable couple to be around. It felt like we were good friends that hung out all the time. Our sarcastic humor meshed well, and it was fun to be able to joke around and laugh a lot during the whole session. Especially when a slightly drunk woman thought we were singers. I think Matt’s quick wit further solidified her drunken beliefs.

After figuring out all the little bumps along the way and all the smiles that ensued thereafter, we are incredibly happy with all of the pictures that came from it!

Engagement Couple Kissing Under Arch
Engagement Couple Kissing on Couch
Engagement Couple Kissing on Bridge