The Great Depression (Update)

I've been waiting to write about this one again for a while. This is James Schwartz's chopped up Model A in a more final form. If you've been reading these for a while then you'll have seen some photos from our first blog post when he began chopping it.

The Great Depression Front

It's an interesting time of the year here in Arizona where we get those lovely monsoon storms, and we had already postponed this video shoot once the week before due to one rolling in. Of course on this day the weather was looking beautiful...right until I got off of work.

We were all way too excited to get this finished up. So we pushed on anyway. However, the fun didn't stop there.

The Great Depression Rear

This location may look familiar because we've been here before with Jayjay's Subaru. We've always liked this spot because of the trees, but more importantly in this case it's right near home. As this build is still in progress, it needs a couple of things hooked up, and it has not been registered yet. This kind of limited us on where we could go, and that's why we ended up here.

I wish that I could say that alleviated all of our issues, but that wasn't the case. On this short journey of back roads we managed to drive right by a Peoria Police Department officer. Needless to say he wasn't too thrilled about us being out on the roads with an unregistered vehicle, but he let us go. Not before declaring his love for the build and his urge to take pictures with it, of course. 

Off we went again.

The Great Depression Detail
The Great Depression Angled

After trying to grab some decent rolling shots for the video, we made it. We chose a spot, started turning around, and then James' clutch line broke. We could not catch a break.

James went into full on MacGyver mode. With the donation of some shoelaces from Wyatt he got to work but to no avail. We pushed it around into the spot that we wanted, and I got to filming.

The Great Depression Profile

James' dad heroically came to save us and give James a tow back to their house.

It was certainly an eventful shoot. We made it work though, and I managed to grab some shots that I'm particularly proud of.

I'm eager to circle back around to this again once it gets all finished up and registered. Then the real fun can begin.

RIP Wyatt's shoelaces.